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Why is stress so exhausting?

I know I’m stressed despite my efforts to remain calm. These next 48 hours are ridiculous. Right now I feel like I’m trying to be "all things to all people" and that’s impossible. I don’t know what to let go. Do I skip the caving trip to give myself more time to clients and paperwork? I really want to see Noah crawling around in those narrow spaces. Do I flat out tell one client that we need to talk Monday instead of today? I really just want to sleep.

Today: paperwork (4-8 hours), client 1 (3 hours), client 2 (20 hours), juggling practice (1 hour), cave supplies (1.5 hours), other shopping (2 hours), seeking entertainers (.5 hour), various phone calls (.75 hour), unplanned diversions (2 hours)

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