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Hard Day of Juggling

For some reason yesterday was a hard day. I’d planned on sleeping at The Lost Sea Friday night then immediately going to the zoo and juggling from 10am – 2pm. Michael Messing the Magician performed from 11-11:30. He does such a wonder show! We are fortunate to have his help. We gave out ice cream from 12pm to the end of the event and I juggled about 1pm.

When I can’t really remember an age to associate a memory with I usually lump the memory in 12 years old or 8 years old. 12 had to be my favorite year with 8 being a close second. Somewhere around one of these ages I had my first heat stroke. I think it was at a miniature golf course in Mytle Beach, South Carolina. I fainted and was ill in many ways.

Yesterday I did not think I worked all that hard. I mostly tried to just enjoy the event but I came real close to those feelings I had on that miniature golf course so long ago. The afternoon I crashed hard. In the evening I took Tommy to see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with his friend and returned to crash again. Since I wasn’t sure if I had a virus I slept on the couch. My skin was hot all the while I had chills. Today I’ve been one tremendous ache. I suppose I’m just that out of shape and doing my routine in the heat of the day yesterday was too much for me. I must begin exercising again.

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