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Frustrating Day Yesterday

Yesterday was like trying to play golf with the Marx Brothers! I’d set up the shot and just about complete my swing when some distraction would make me have to start all over again. The work I do is very mental and requires a certain set of tools. A browser has to be opened to the development box for the front end and another for the backend. Two more for the production server frontend and backend. Now one browser for each of the database tools. Editors: ColdFusion Studio 5, Visio, and MS Word. An FTP program. Online documentation. The mere act of switching from one computer to another devours 10 minutes. Then comes the mindset. Getting into the programming groove. Once the mind is focused and that particular nirvana is reached the code flows from my finger tips like paint from an artist’s brush.

Yesterday’s effort probably took 6 times longer than it should have and caused me to not be able to complete certain things that are now making today a miserable day.

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