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Are you a bad neighbor?

Check out this government sponsored humiliation!

I know some people are inherently bad but might situation contribute to some of these bad neighbors? Instead of chiding them online might humanitarian effort be better spent organizing a work party to help get these bad neighbors back on their feet. Perhaps that technique is used once and if they slip again then we resort to the humiliation. Granted, some of these folks have received multiple citations but a piece of paper does not lift one from their troubles.

I know when my world collapsed in 2000 and my garbage service abruptly ended that my trash was just plopped on the driveway and began to decompose. I had a pile that would have impressed Arlo Gutherie and Alice and should have been setting off contamination sensors in Oak Ridge. No number of citations would have encouraged me to get out of bed and address the trash. When I finally broke out of my depression and started taking the trash to the dump it probably took 12 trips using my 4×8 trailer.

My point is that people sometimes fall into bad situations. We have volunteers that get together and build homes for Habitat for Humanity. Imagine what a similar effort could do for our communities by addressing issues such as these. I know if 20 people showed up at my house one weekend I could accomplish what I have failed to do in 7 years (if I had the materials).

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