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Lost the calm

Calm is gone.
Focus shot.
Everybody wants
What I ain’t got.
Made mistakes.
Done my time.
Get off my ass
Leave the past behind.
Man of character
Beat to indignation.
Losing all hope
Of sanctification.
Want the best
For my children.
But what kind of example
Is a man in ruin?

When a grown man cries
The tears burn like steam
Washing away all his dreams.
Life is too short for mistakes.
One screwup and you’re obliterated.
Our world is unforgiving.
Hatred, greed unending.
I try to give and give and give.
They take and take and take.
Where’s karma now?
When’s it come around?
Have I not paid for my sins?
Could I not have a new beginning?
What curse is bestowed upon me?
How can the burden be lifted?
I thought I was good
It makes me sad
To realise I’m so bad.

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