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Lost Found

AP has a great article discussing the locations in which Lost is filmed. With taunts such as

At the end of a road cutting past a small airfield and another ranch along Oahu’s North Shore is the former site of show’s crash site, long since packed away.

I find myself desiring to travel to Hawaii and check it out. Wes Grotjan is quoted “I feel I’m kind of in on the joke that I get to see a lot of these places.” I can almost relate. When I lived in Kenner, Louisanna I camped out as a scout at the location where Killer Bees nest was filmed (that was the film where the Volkswagon drove into the Superdome and they froze the bees with the airconditioning. I also camped a the location where one of the James Bond films was made (the one Bond drives his boat through a wedding). I was born in Wilmington, NC where Stephen King, starting with Fire Starter, films all his movies. It’s not the same as what Wes Grotjan experiences but I can imagine how it must feel seeing the locations on screen and off screen.

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