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Nude Chainsaw Juggler

That reminds me of one of my own juggling experiences. I once lived in a building that had 4 apartments in it. If you were facing the building mine was on the lower right. The neighbors directly above me were a nice, very straight-laced, professional couple and the two apartments on the other side of the building changed tenants rapidly. Behind the apartment was a huge, flat backyard, large enough for football games, with dense trees separating the yard from the neighborhood behind the apartments and two farms were on the sides.

I enjoyed the yard much. It was good for practicing clubs but I only once ever practiced torches in that yard.

When I decided to purchase a house I started shopping around for loans. Turns out the wife of the upstairs neighbor worked in the loan department of a bank I used. While we were discussing income sources I was grasping for every possible dime and mentioned that I occasionally juggle for money. She lit up and said, “Oh! I saw you juggle torches the other night!” Nothing more was said of the juggling but I had to laugh pretty hard once I left the office. See, at the time my drinking had slowed but my college habit was still to drink to excess. That one time which I juggled torches in that yard I had become quite inebriated and in my drunkness was juggling torches completely nude.

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