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Birth – A Family Affair

I haven’t talked about the birth of my son, Evan, yet. There is so much to tell. I think I will do so in parts.

After Cathy had her epidural she was feeling comfortable enough for a visit from the kids who had been in the waiting room with their grandfather. I went out and sent everyone in. We started to leave the kids toys, stroller and Cathy’s mother’s purse in the waiting room but thought better of it so I sat out with the gear. My anxiety increased. Being alone and separated from Cathy during these moments did not bode well. The waiting room was filling up. To move all the stuff into the delivery room would mean the kids and grandfather would lose their valuable seats but who cares. I packaged everything and rushed back to LDR#11.

Everyone was happily sharing good moments and comforting Mom. The kids were fabulous! Tommy decided he needed something from one of the cars so he and Cathy’s father walked out to the parking lot. Very shortly after they left the midwife came in and announced, “It’s time!”

Cathy’s mother could be a midwife. She is a fantastic birthing partner. Pre-epidural as I comforted Cathy, her mother coached both of us and prompted Cathy to move to her side easing the contractions and so she could rub her back among other techniques. Neither Cathy nor I nor her mother for that matter wanted her to leave the room with the kids. Instead we set the stroller and two chairs just inside the room’s door. Noah (9) and Amy (3) took the chairs and Sarah (nearly 12) took the stroller. Sarah read Amy a book. We pulled a curtain between the chairs and the bed. Noah wanted to watch so I half expected to see curious eyes peeking around the curtain like a miniature totem pole except that Sarah saw Amy born and is traumatized for life. She did not want to watch this one! Now that’s abstinence education!

The birth went very well and the children, except for Tommy, all heard Evan’s first cry. I thought it to be a very magical moment! The grandmother brought Amy around as soon as Evan was cleaned up and the older two took a couple of minutes but eventually came out to hold him. Moments later Cathy’s father and Tommy joined us from the waiting room. I was very proud of my kids!

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