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Infant Surprises!

Atten Hut!

There are certain things that you in no way can be prepared. Somethings you can be told but it is not real until you experience it yourself. Take for instance, infant boys. You can read books, listen to other people’s stories, and take advice from your doctor but nothing prepares you for the day that you open the diaper on your 9 day old son and there he is at full attention in all his manliness! After doing a double or triple take, what can you do other than tout, "Hey hey! Thaaat’s my BOY!"

Take Cover!

Now Amy was a good infant. Didn’t fight diaper changes. Evan has strong legs. He takes to kicking and pumping those legs as if to say, "keep that thing off of me!" He also has some accolades that Amy never received. In his first 9 days of life, Evan has managed to pee on me and the couch and last night scored in the game of "poop on Dad."

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