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And it grabbed me..

I so did not intend to sleep last night. I mean at all. At 8:30 I wanted to be back on my computer. At 9:30 I thought that opportunity had finally come. At 10pm I’d distributed root beer floats and sat down to have mine and talk with the wife. At 3:41am someone, probably Noah, rolled out of bed. At 6am I woke with a start.

I’ve already begun the self-flagellations. They will continue through the weekend as I fail to prepare myself physically or mentally for the juggling show on Sunday. I am on the main stage this year instead of off in a corner and only doing one 30-minute show instead of 2-3 hours of juggling. I really need to find a local juggler that would like to join me on an occasional show. I think I’ll post signs on campus.

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