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Park of Fun

We took the kids out to the park yesterday to meet up with the grandparents, aunt, uncle, and two cousins. Everyone had a blast. Molly came along and in 5 kicks ate a soccer ball that I purchased on the way. I let her off leash for the soccer and she was perfectly well behaved. The law is that the dog has to "be under owners control" not "on a leash"; I had that discussion with some other dog owners walking their dog without a leash who said some people get rather indignant about it. We had only 3 incidents.

  1. While I was eating I had the lease under foot and Molly bolted to see another puppy. We had already met and the owners didn’t seem concerned.
  2. Once my nephew threw the soccer ball while I was not paying attention and I lost the leash
  3. And a barker came through the park. Molly growled and barked but chilled after we let the two see each other. I had good control over Molly but gave them much opportunity to figure one another out.

For much of the time Molly wore her leash but laid on the ground between her people with no one holding the leash. I was very impressed with her behavior.

Noah climbed the outside of the tall enclosed slide. He’s a broken arm waiting to happen but makes me grin because he is such a boy and doing so many of the same things I did at his age.

Tommy chose to stay home. I think he likes it because he can eat, play electronics and do basically anything he wants without fear of someone getting on his case.

Sarah enjoys this old banana board (skinny skate board) that I had stashed in the garage so she was puttering all over the park while the 3 year old sister and cousin chased her.

The younger two were coddled.

A great time was had by all.

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