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America the not-so-free

After laughing at Michael Crook’s beating on Fox news I thought I’d canter over to Forsake The Troops and see what the fuss was all about. Only to find this message:

This hateful site has been removed courtesy of:

USAF Forums at

Click HERE to see the former owner (Michael Crook) owned by Sean Hannity.

I found this response offensive enough to draft the following email to their customer service. Hopefully someone reads it. I fear the kind of people that run are the same people that will commit hate crimes in the name of freedom and allow the current administration to drag us decades further backwards. The attitudes represented by are not so much different than the businessmen that donned white hoods and burned crosses in the name of creating a lawful society.

"This hateful site has been removed courtesy of:"

I disagree with Michael Crook. But I find your censorship with such judgmental arrogance to be equally offensive and un-American.

I believe it would do you well to think long and hard about what type of society you are building for future Americans because right now with acts such as yours we are not practicing democracy and freedom.

Before you preach to me about your "freedom to run your business the way you like" let me remind you that you chose the words "This hateful site has been removed courtesy of:" not "Due to a violation of our decency policy…" or "Due to bandwidth restrictions…"

People in positions of power, such as yourselves, have the obligation to yield that power with responsibility.

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