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Excellent! 3GuysHosting responded!

I would have not have expected a response. Mike Quinlan responds to my earlier email pointing out that he bought the domain rather than forcefully shutting the site down; however, he continues to say that had the site been one of his customers he would have done the same thing.

Mr. McCaughan,

Did you have the joy of seeing Mr. Crook’s site before you sent this to me? Just in case you didn’t here are a couple quotes for you:

Our problem is this: the military is a lifestyle these morons chose. What idiot risks their life for a country? It’s what they chose. Forsake our Troops! They must think that if they go to war, they don’t need to pay taxes just……just like the rest of us. Let ’em die in combat– we don’t need their ilk!

Number of US soldiers killed in the Iraq War, of their own doing, because they CHOSE to be leeches: 1,574. These scumbags deserved what they got.

Even more entertaining is this photo of a dead US soldier. It’s entertaining, because there’s something called owning your actions. He chose his path, and now we as a country have to pay his survivors benefits and pay for his burial, not to mention the fact that a chaplain still has to go out and tell the blubbering widow, which is another waste of resources, and that is just disgusting. He chose to join, and because of that, Forsake The Troops strongly feels that he should just be thrown in a ditch somewhere and left to rot. This soldier was not a victim of anything else but his own poor choices. Forsake The Troops spits on him and all other “veterans” who died because of something that they chose to do. No sympathy here.

Mr. Crook, was never a customer of mine (but if he was the outcome would be the same). I purchased the domain name (from him) to remove it.

I have no problem with the pro or anti war crowed as long as they can make there point intelligently which Michael Crook obviously can not.

One final note, I have not spent the last 15 years in the military to listen to the kind of crap he is spewing or to have people like you call me un-American!!


Mike Quinlan

Not yet sure that I want to respond to his email with anything more than a "thank you." I am a little taken back that he missed the point of my email and thinks I called "him" un-American.

…I find your censorship with such judgmental arrogance to be equally offensive and un-American.

My reference being toward a business. This would be akin to the landlords of a shopping center putting chains on Borders’ front doors because the landlords felt selling Harry Potter books conflicted with their Christian beliefs. Now, purchasing the domain from Michael Crook and taking the site down is a different matter. Perhaps 3GuysHosting should have better worded their message.

I do think that Michael Crook is a bloody idiot trying to get himself a little "fame."

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