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Overdue Thank yous

Another Grasshopper Posted by Picasa

Friendly Visit

I have some much overdue thanks to give. Three weeks ago, a good friend and reader of this blog came over for an extremely pleasant visit. She brought with her some amazing food which was both timely and better than anything I prepare. The wife and I were very grateful!

She also brought with her some fantastic gifts for which I need to get some pictures uploaded. She really put some time into preparing for her visit and I cannot thank her enough!

This friend has known me longer than nearly anyone else that I can bring to mind. We used to go to the theatre together in college quite frequently. Good memories there! Of course, she has all the ammunition that would keep me out of politics.

Littlest Grasshopper Posted by Picasa

Meaningful Gift

My brother and his wife are the best shoppers in the world. Often I have thought that if not for them my children would run around naked. We recently receive a care package with an item of hidden meaning. You can see it pictured on Amy above and Evan to the right. Amy will seek it out and announce, "I’m wearing Eban’s(sic) hat!"

They always get such great clothing for the kids. Many thanks! Keep on shopping 🙂

We found the hat quite amusing. Evan is getting much "hidden meaning" clothing. He also owns a bib that reads, "Little Peanut."

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