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I miss my music

At one point in my life I had roughly 700 CDs all categorized and alphabetized and not a scratch on a single CD. Now, as important as music is to me, I barely listen to music anymore. When I do I listen to the same CD over and over and over until it is no longer music but a drone slightly more pleasant than the static and other white noise that engulfs me.

Today I just spent 5 minutes trying to find a specific CD that I’ve wanted to listen to for the past several days. After digging through a disarray of CD cases I found the CD case I was seeking. Naturally it was empty. In the process of trying to find the case, I experimented and open several CD cases in a row. I went through 20 cases before finding one with a CD in it.

I might quit consulting and go back to work just so I can afford to shop at iTunes and once again fill my ears with music.

Update:Found it!

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