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Gooder Grammer

So I had this somewhat embarrassing email for which I was very thankul. I used to write very properly. I was one of those human dictionaries that could pop out a correct spelling of a word I’d never used. Create whatever reason you want – age, laziness, too much in my mind, whatever – my spelling and grammar have deteriorated. My resume has a line that reads:

· Writing: Well written, exceptional grammar, technical writing skills

And then it is followed with this line:

· Organizational: very spatial oriented, structured, can work equally well with hierarchical or abstract concepts and organization, 5 years practical experience in Software Quality Assurance and associated training compliment organizational skills

I keep my resume at the Perfect Job. It needs updating badly. Now I’ve always been hardnosed when evaluating candidates’ resumes for proper spelling and well formed sentences so I was quite surprised when someone took the time to send an email pointing out my horrid error of using "compliment" when I obviously meant "complement." I wonder how many times this was noticed and not mentioned.

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