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The Stand Off

Ham Posted by Picasa

So here I sit. Unable to go to my computer and work for need to stand guard over a bawling toddler. There she stands. Night gown pulled over her face as she forces tears, sniffles and sobs. Why do we do this? Because I came home from taking two of the children to their bus stops to find that Cathy and Evan had returned to bed while Amy woke and dumped clean clothes from the folding basket to the floor.

Angry. Posted by Picasa

She’s gone silent. That means she is trying to sneak away from her responsibility. Responsibility at three?! Yes. All she had to do is pick up the clothing from the floor and put it back in the basket. What will power!

We are in a stand-off. If I help her am I teaching the wrong lesson? I certainly cannot let her go without picking up any clothing. She cannot have her cartoons.

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