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Today’s Stressors

It’s Friday. This weekend I take the boys to Camp Buck Tom’s and upon our return I go to a lengthy scout leadership meeting. My current list of stressors:

  • Finish and deliver work to client 1
  • Return call to prospect
  • Make presentable progress on client 2
  • Troubleshoot a problem for client 3
  • spend 3-4 hours on something I am neither prepared for mentally or materially which could lead to a major life changing event
  • Make progress on the financial paperwork because 1 week ago I was supposed to be talking to my Uncle and I can’t even find the letter with the phone number I’m supposed to call
  • Balance the books
  • Send invoices
  • Work on family computers (wife’s and 2 children’s)
  • Clean house
  • Grocery shopping
  • Pack for camping
  • Make sure I have enough money for gas to and from Camp Buck Tom’s
  • Email client 4

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