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I haven’t even run out of weed yet

Jacob Sullum sums up a New York Times article on New Orleans residents that do not want to leave.

Ms. Harris said she did not want to leave. "I haven’t even run out of weed yet," she said. [Source, Reason, High Ground in New Orleans Note: The New York Times article does not reference weed. Perhaps this was a little creative writing on Jacob Sullum‘s part.]

Frankly I’m appauled that they are confiscating weapons from people that have the legal right to bear those arms. I also recognize with what ease the military could eliminate these people.

"oh, we found his body in the backyard. Looks like a looter shot him."
"She drowned."
"Sorry, the body has not been recovered."
"You know. There were 4 of us with M16s and he went berzerk and started firing on us. We had to defend ourselves."

Still, to confiscate someone’s grandfathers side arm that he had in WWII or something similar … well, it doesn’t even have to have a history..this is just wrong.

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