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Nightmare Problem = Safari

I wish I could buy a Macintosh! I’ve written a rather elegant web application with valid html, valid css, no tables and well thought out. However, when the client tries to upload a file to the server using the webbased form through Safari it fails. The application works fine in Mac IE5, PC IE6, PC FF. This problem has set me back two days on my development schedule!

You can help me do my testing by helping me get a Free MiniMac. Just go here, sign up, and complete one offer. If only 10 people do this they will send a MiniMac my way and make my development efforts smoother. You can encourage 10 people to sign up under you to get the same deal. The offers are credit cards applications, blockbuster memberships, etc. One offer used to be an online ordering of printer ink which is something we all need to do anyway.

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