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So, is blogging bad?

Many times I’ve visited the concept of "airing dirty laundry" and pondered how appalled my grandparents would be knowing I have not kept our stories in the family and been so casual in my publishings to the world. I wonder if the blog had something to do with the job rejection I recently received.

So we’ve been brazen and as an outlet, document trail, journal, for others to learn, and just for fun, we publish our trials and tribulations with Aspergers Syndrome. The ever positive people of have labeled us as bad parents and beggers and hinted that we are scammers. The attitudes depicted in their dialog are rather common amongst the more naive when first confronted with a special needs child. None-the-less, their discussion is exactly the sort of outlandishness that makes me question the sanity or rationale behind this blog or Tommy’s blog.

I need only return to the comments we have received which have expressed thanks for the blog, shared common ground, provided insight and suggestions, or otherwise built a bond to remind me that there are more positive good people in the world than the occasional bad apple.

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