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Children Make Us Better Adults

A simple request, "Dad, would you read me the book Granddaddy got me?" during a heated, high pressure deadline reminds us that sometimes a break makes us more productive. Taking a few minutes with children instead of replying, "not now. I’m busy." makes us feel good where as putting them off gives us guilt. Remember, a toddler and even older children do not understand the concept of "later" and particularly "I’m busy." They don’t care. They want you to be busy with them.

Reading Amy’s story took less time than writing this post. She enjoyed the time and at the end of the story went on happily to other things. I love it!

Studies are even showing that napping (taking a short break) during the day helps make us as much as 30% more productive.

Liberty Wellness Tip: Well-rested employees create happier & more productive workplaces.

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