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Seeking Juggling Partner – No skills required

When I posted that I’m seeking a juggling partner in or near Knoxville (that sounds like a personals ad) I should have added that you don’t have to be all that good. Most people would say, "I’m not that good" or "I’m not good enough" and it makes me wonder what scale they are measuring themselves against.

I just need someone willing to commit to a little time. I had piano lessons for 4 years and once I showed up for my lesson and the teacher asked, "Did you practice?" to which I replied, "no." The instructor frowned, closed the cover over the keys, and said, "so what do you want to talk about?" The message was clear and left a lasting impression. So, I don’t need someone good. I just need someone willing.

The goal will be to do some passing for an audience near the end of the month. I promise you’ll have a blast. No. This is not a paid gig.

ps. Bonus if you look good in a sequined bikini! Oh no no.. That would be a magician’s assistant instead of a juggling partner.

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