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Reply to Barry’s Bringin’ Down the House

I just tried replying to Barry’s Bringin’ Down the House post and am not sure if he is moderating comments or if haloscan is having hiccups so I’m reposting the comment here:

First satirical conspiracy theory:
Perhaps, just perhaps, such movies are a government sponsored de-sensitization program for things the They fear might come to reality. If you’ve already seen the Hoover Dam blown to pieces and wash into a crevice that causes a reaction with the fault line and dumps one third of the US into the pacific then when something actually happens it is not the first time people are seeing it albeit real versus fiction.

Don’t forget the reason you are seeing a huge influx of war movies and that new Iraq weekly show and other fighting hurrah war movies is that after 9/11 the government contracted Hollywood to make pro war movies.

"Hollywood was ordered by the U.S. government to promote pro-war movies.
Musicians at the Grammys were threatened with blackout if they made any anti-war comments."

see also Operation Hollywood

Now back to reality:
My saddened awakening was before 9/11 when the Taliban destroyed the Buddas. I have always dreamed of travelling the world and seeing its wonders. I am fortunate to have been on the World Trade Center but my kids will never know that thrill. Destroying the Buddas was a reminder that nothing is permanent and that if we want to experience then we need to get out and do it. Remember Clingman’s Dome when it was green? I do because my family didn’t sit in their home saying "…when we get around to it…" or "…we don’t have enough money…" I want my kids to see the wonders of the world before those wonders fall to the hands of man or the forces of nature (will Disney survive Wilma?).

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