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Halloween was great!

We pulled off another nice looking parking space for Trunk Or Treat with most of the family in costume including Evan! Jo Jo was too precious! All of the kids were great and well behaved.

I took sore body and juggled in the isles of the trick or treators. The highlight for me was when I was juggling torches and doing my standard joke of "this is when we land the planes" and I wave the torches as you might see a person with the orange flashlights directing traffic on a tarmack. Of course I caught some lights in the sky and exclaimed "there’s one now!" And it circled. I joked around and waved the torches some more. And it circled again and lowered. I finished routine and it continued to circle and got very low. It was either a news or police helicopter having some fun. I’m tickled.

I like Noah battling himself. I bet a therapist would have a blast with that one! Get that boy a shrubbery! And I just have no words..she uses all the minutes.

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