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How am I?

Alright. Let’s see. Pulse? Yes, still alive. Heart rate? accelerated. Ok, stressed. Breathing? Yup. I guess that’s all that counts. Now where are we today? Ah! Ye ol’ box o’ mail hath been emptied! Granted, mostly just moved to another box but sorted with intentions of getting things back in order.

See, once upon a time I knew to the penny how much money I had, what was coming in and what was going out. I even had an account set up in Quicken for "petty cash" and kept all loose change in a lock box in the house to balance the petty cash fund against. Since Quicken didn’t give reports I liked I would also keep records of inflows and outflows by category in an excel spreadsheet. Ah the glory days. Way over the top! But man did it feel good to be able to chart your success (or demise).

Today is nearly the exact opposite. I’m hoping over the next few weeks to come to some sort of happy medium.

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