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That dream…

You know the one where you walk over to the water fountain and have some water. Then you go to the locker and start to open it. Of course, you are in the halls before the bell rings. Now the bell rings and you realize you are…naked!

Yesterday a friend of mine, the one to whom I passed the Compaq Proliant server, was searching for information on the server and found my blog finding it humorous that I had blogged the issue. I started my blog anonymously so it always takes me back a little when someone I know in the offline world first discovers the writings. Until college I kept everything inside. My psyche was mine alone! Even in college my true feelings and thoughts poured only when beer and liquor flowed; fortunately there was a ready supply of alcohol so I don’t think I had many secrets in college.

In the end I quote Popeye, "I yam who I yam and that’s all that I yam. Ugg gugugh gugh." To know someone is to understand them.

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