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OOoh! So it is a mental thing!

Come one ladies! Let’s feel good about ourselves! Body image, not menopause, causes lack of desire

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Women who lose their sexual desire as they age may not be the victims of hormonal changes but may be reacting to their own body image, U.S. researchers reported on Wednesday. The more a woman perceived herself as less attractive, the more likely she was to report a decline in sexual desire or activity over the past 10 years…

If we tell you that you look good, we aren’t lying!

Nearly 21 percent of the women could not think of even one attractive feature and reported an overall sense of dissatisfaction with their bodies…disliked their stomachs or abdomens, hips, thighs and legs.

The result?

Two-thirds of the women said they either desired sex less than 10 years before or that they had sex less often.
The women reported that when they did have sex, there was a high level of enjoyment, with 72 percent saying they were physically and emotionally satisfied in their sexual relationships.

"A high level of enjoyment" so feel good about yourself and, well, feel good!

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