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Baby Reflex Tests

I love that Evan has figured out his hands. He loves that he has figured out his hands. But man is he quick! Coffee, waffles, keyboards, printed specifications, or anything in front of you while holding an Evan on your lap is in severe danger. Reflexes must be sharp!

This morning I put a toy in front of him so I could eat my waffles while holding him in my lap. The toy was in now way as interesting as what Dad had and in a millisecond I almost was wearing my waffles. Nice work Evan!

In other realms Evan has learned to flip over at will. He’s like a Weeble. Put him down on his back and before you’ve fully released him he is on his stomach again! Now he roll back. He has tasted freedom! Crawling is not far off. He can already pick a direction and move himself o an object of desire. Time for major throw rungs in the house!

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