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More on the accident

News Sentinel readers give their comments on how the accident affected them. That link has a nice picture of the overturned truck. The live cam seems to be showing the truck still in the same place 9.5 hours later (but I can’t be sure).

WATE has the story (with more good pictures) explaining that "the truck [was] carrying a load of the chemical cyanox, a chemical used in the making of plastic"

Tennessee Dept. of Transportation officials say it may be all day before the truck is cleared because the chemical in the tanker must first be removed. Though officials were initially concerned about the chemical carried in the truck, they’ve determined in does not pose an explosion or inhalation danger.

Just 3 days ago, I-40 was shutdown for 12 hours. Seems we need FEMA or somebody to give us a Interstate disaster plan.

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