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Tanker Truck Turns Over At West Hills

West Hills at I-40/I-75 live.

Walker Springs at I-40/I-75 live.
Traffic Cameras provided by TDOT SmartWay (per linking policy)

These are the cameras that you see around town. These are not red light cameras. The red cameras have not been installed yet.

The accident at West Hills could have the Interstate closed until noon or longer.

The following content reposted from June 22, 2005.

I’m an observant person. I watched the traffic cams get installed by TDOT. For a long I have intended to call TDOT and ask, "are those cameras available to the public?" Ironically, being a web guy, I never bothered looking online until one of the local news stations mentioned the 75 cameras are online (though by my count I only see 66). Have a look at a picture of a TDOT SmartWay camera.

Additional information about the TDOT $20 million SmaryWay system is available including cameras statewide and information about Tennessee 511 a service that provides traffic information from any phone. TDOT is also in Alabama.

From the Smartway FAQ: TDOT Smartway

Other benefits include:

  • Providing live video to local television stations that is used during their rush hour traffic reports
  • Website access to current construction and incident information.
  • Shorter crash response time by emergency response agencies including TDOT HELP trucks
  • Using the system to assist in AMBER ALERTS
  • Radio reports of current construction and incident information available on the highway advisory radio (HAR) system.
  • Use of the system to complement Homeland Security evacuation plans

Now when you want to leave the house you can check to see if I-40 is jammed or not!

East of I-40/640 at I-40/I-75 live.

East of Pellissippi at I-40/I-75 live.

Furthest western camera West of Lovell Rd at I-40/I-75 live.
Traffic Cameras provided by TDOT SmartWay (per linking policy)


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