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From the mouths of babes

How to horrify Dad.

While walking through Walmart, Amy (3) says, "He’s black."
We continue walking as Dad processes Amy continues, "I want him to be like us."
Dad thinking he misheard the conversation asks, "what?"
Amy declares, "I want him to be white."

A thousand thoughts rush through my head most questioning how I could possibly be teaching bigotry to my children. Let’s see. No racial jokes. Hmm. We don’t have many friends from other races and cultures right now but for the most part our schedules and economics have alienated ourselves from everyone so we don’t really see many people outside of the family. I do like the theme song to All In The Family but I don’t think that would do it. Finally I land on the conclusion that it is simply the naivety of a child’s world.

Dad, the Meathead that he is, flubs with "that’s not nice. We like people just the way they are."
Mom upon hearing the story soars in on angelic wings and artfully delivers this wonderful metaphor of crayons to people and how boring our pictures would be if the only color in our box was white.

Both ladies left Dad’s chin on the ground today!

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