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Approaching Boiling Point

I often feel like a mechanic that has been dropped into the pits of the Indianapolis 500 but only given a hammer and a screwdriver to get the job done.

My machines are slow. I could be so much more productive with a wireless network and a laptop. But those are simple and solvable. The real challenges come in the form of power outages. Just as I’m about to press the send button on an email I’ve spent 10 minutes on, I hear a boom and our house blacks out. A bit later the same thing. Now I’m trying to rush through some stuff and the cat climbs into my lap and starts shoving my hands with her head and licking me. Not cute when the veins in my neck are pulsing.

Those of course are simply a couple of very specific examples. If only it didn’t feel like karma was fighting me constantly.

2 thoughts on “Approaching Boiling Point

  1. Ok, I’ll bite. So power outages are a bigger challenge than processor speed or network connections… Does that mean they happen frequently? How come? I know we’ll have a power outage at my house maybe once a week while we’re at work. Do they happen more frequency on your end of town? And how long do they last?

    And you are bigger than the cat. Pick him/her up and move him/her away. Sit down, resume. Nothing to pound the pulsebeat about…

  2. They must be doing construction. We’ve probably had 3 in the past 24 hours and 5 in the past week. It’s normally not this bad.

    I usually enjoy the cat working with me. My old monitor had a flatter top to it and she would sit up there like a gargoyle as I worked (which is probably why the monitor died). She doesn’t do that on the new monitor instead preferring to sit on me.

    You are right. Nothing to get heated about. Thanks.

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