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Scott County’s future looking prosperous!

In November I posted “Future headlines we might see in Denver’s paper” Now we have “Charges have been dropped against Eric Footer”

Eric Footer was the first person arrested in Denver under state marijuana law since the city’s voters wiped out penalties for adults who possess small amounts of marijuana.

And it looks like Nevada is quickly following in Denver’s footsteps. The dam is breaking and legalization of marijuana is coming.

In related news, Michael Silence discusses the fact that TN already accepts taxes on drugs and the impact it has had on drug users that have neglected to pay their taxes such as this found on Say Uncle:

In Tennessee, a 60 year-old man recovering from cancer smoked marijuana to alleviate the pain and depression. He has since been arrested and had his money and cars seized and a lien placed on his house. All this without due process of law, which is blatantly unconstitutional. The fifth amendment states that […]

Now that’s not right.

1 thought on “Scott County’s future looking prosperous!

  1. […] From Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Cannabis, Top 10 Pot Studies Government Wished It Had Never Funded. Follow the link for more detailed information. I find it interesting how economics and politics play into issues such as marijuana. Alcohol is far more damaging than cannabis yet it remains legal. I find information like this interesting to read because I believe we waste huge amounts of money by keeping marijuana illegal for little benefit. It is legal in Denver and taxed in TN. […]

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