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The right way to do a video blog

Know thy Amanda! I believe everyone’s introduction to Rocketboom should be the Sept 27, 2005 episode. That’s my personal favorite episode and the day I started watching.

Rocketboom is a three minute daily videoblog based in New York City. We cover and create a wide range of information and commentary from top news stories to quirky internet culture. Agenda includes releasing each new clip at 9am EST, Monday through Friday. With a heavy emphasis on international arts, technology and weblog drama, Rocketboom is presented via online video and widely distributed through RSS.

I give this program a high recommendation! I read in the comments that Amanda Congdon actually interviewed for the partnership position.

In February Amanda will play herself on CSI! She is graced with her own wikipedia entry. Their show went from a 700 person viewership in 2004 to 70,000 in just 10 months! For the true fans, she also has a blog.

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  1. […] I’ve been encouraging people to check out Rocketboom and Wednesday I posted The Right Way To Do A Video Blog. In the process I discovered Amanda Congdon has her own wikipedia entry. I also discovered this amusing post by Alec Muffett who analyzed is server logfiles to people visiting him looking for Amanda Congdon information with 29% of them trying to find her naked. So that’s 192 people searching for information about Ms Congdon, 29% of whom are searching along with the word “naked”. […]

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