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The frustrating part of working from home

I’ve hit that frustrating part of the day. I’m trying desperately to please a client and am literally a few lines of code away from accomplishing it but the needs of the dog and of the toddler won’t let me finish so I’ll receive a scathing phone call while I’m driving her to school. My self-esteem will take another hit. I can’t even finish this paragraph. I’m being paged to the toddler’s aid.

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  1. […] Concerning my earlier post: But I love it! I take on this stressful, risky lifestyle not for riches of money but for the riches of time well spent with the children. It means I work late at night and get up early and work on the weekends but I get quality time with the kids that I love. The frustrating part is when exhaustion, procrastination, self-indulgence, or lack of focus cause me to miss some of those late night or weekend hours. […]

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