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Hours in my day

For health, 8 hours sleep
I should keep two fulltime projects running at all times. Let us assume one of those is a regular job with a required 1 hour break. That would be 9 hours. The other one can be 8.
Blogging (reading, writing, researching), 2 3 4 hours (this one was for humor sake but we’ll leave them in anyway)
Driving kids around town and other errands: 2 hours
The 3 s’s (bathroom stuff): 45 minutes
Cooking/eating: 1 hour 15 minutes
Quality time with the kids: 2 hours
Phone calls: 1 hour
Television: 1-2 hours

Total thus far: 38 hours in my day

Of course, I left out things like email, billing, finances, marketing, exercise (yeah,right)….

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  1. oh if only there were that many hours! then I could sleep more!

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