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Shape your reading material

Dean and Jeni have asked for reader input on their blog. I’ve toyed with this thought myself. “What do you like? dislike? Want to see more of? less of? etc.” I always stop myself because I assume if you are reading this post then you come because you either like the style or the content as is. I have several things I want to do but cannot because time and money haven’t permited. But fear not! I’m certain that I will knock Dooce off her throne and become the envy of all daddy bloggers! The wealth from the sponsorships pouring in will allow me to staff some writers and research assistants and get us the endless pot of coffee that we have forever sought!

Special thanks to each of the 4 of you who read this.

2 thoughts on “Shape your reading material

  1. You’re welcome … I guess I’m one of the four readers…

    Jeni’s working on putting together a food/recipe/kitchen blog. We thought it would be a lot of fun for her, and that was why we were asking what people prefer to read about. We won’t take the recipes completely off our other blog but I think this can be a fun one for Jeni.

  2. Use WordPress not blogger! If you need help with hosting I can probably lend a hand. I can definitely advise on setup (it’s soooo stinking easy!)

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