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Lessons to dads

Dads as your child grows eventually you may be confronted with the possibility of stepping up to the plate and being that dad who fearlessly leads a large group of nine years old into the uncomfortable woods where you will be without beer, cable and air conditioning and will sit around telling stories that begin with “when I was your age…” And that’s good! It is a rite of passage. However, no where in the rules does it say that you have to sew your own badges onto your scout uniform! I know, Scouts is about ingenuity and being able to do things yourself. So you can put your own patches and you won’t need to brag about it because as you proudly stand there with your wrinkled, blood stained shirt with its crooked patches, those around you will be commenting under their breath “he didn’t know about the retired lady that sews for $2 a patch!”

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