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Father of the Year

This morning I send Noah to the bus stop in -.5°C weather with no coat. This is not my fault. I provide my 9 year old son with nice, warm coats. He just wants to make sure that if there is a sudden drop in temperature that wherever he is he can quickly put on a coat. So, he makes sure to leave a coat at school, at the grandparents, at a friend’s house and so forth. I just can’t seem to purchase them fast enough so I suppose it is my fault.

3 thoughts on “Father of the Year

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. ha. i know the feeling. i feel as though i get talon a new jacket every other week. funny thing is.. (and it blows my mind) when i drop him off at school.. the amount of kids /not/ wearing a jacket in 30° weather is off the chart

  3. I’m Mr Stoic. The king of mind over matter. Temperature doesn’t bother me. So you’d think I wouldn’t be bothered by the kids that aren’t bothered but something in the daddy handbook says that I have to be bothered and I really am!

    My daughter used to not wear her coat because it made her look fat (and she was pencil thin). Perhaps they are just too cool not to be cold.

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