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Lost in Weirdness

For today’s LOST commentary, I bow to Weird Al (slooooow load but well worth it! Did I meantion that this is a slow load?). The man should be knighted!

On a side note, a gross number of people seem to be misunderstanding the noise as the countdown clock hit zero. Michael, the island’s resident engineer and awol mad father, was inspecting some large, thick steel things in the ceiling that appeared to be “blast doors” so the noises would be the safety latches releasing in preparation to drop the blast doors and lock everyone inside.

My wife, in her wisdom, has pointed out that at least 4 of the islanders were involved in (or related to) a car wreck. Jack’s wife, Shannon’s dad, Locke, Michael and potentially Kate. Was this all the same accident?

As for the frog incident, I believe Sawyer was simply letting Hugo know, despite Hurley’s attempt to walk away, Sawyer was still in control.

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