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The Other Lost

The Reign of Ellen has great LOST reviews. Today she posted one word and received 17 comments! Comment #16 MUST be read! The anonymous poster did an incredible job. I’ll quote an exerpt which has SPOILERS from last night’s show:

[First she points out the name and city of the captive is an anagram (just like Ethan’s was):] HENRY GALE MINNESOTA = SEE AN OTHER MAN LYING

[then there is the connection to the balloon:] He’s so full of hot air.

[regarding the description of the balloon:] He was describing the dimensions of Steve Fossett’s balloon, Spirit of Freedom, which Fossett used to make his round-the-world solo flight, starting and ending in Australia.

Spirit of Freedom was sponsored by Bud Light. Budweiser’s mascot is
… a frog.

[Henry’s dead wife went to the U. of Minnesota:] The U. of Minnesota is in Minneapolis, a TWIN city. The school’s teams are called the Golden Gophers. Henry is a go-fer for The Others.

Let me throw in a couple of other tidbits. Henry Gale was Dorothy’s Uncle in The Wizard of Oz. The Wizard escaped in a hot air ballon. Oz is the nickname for Australia.

8 thoughts on “The Other Lost

  1. This is very interesting. I’m a lost head, so I ate this up.

  2. I love that anagram! (HENRY GALE MINNESOTA = SEE AN OTHER MAN LYING.)

    I would like to include it om my little Lost blog ( — properly credied and linked to your blog, of course. Let me know.


  3. Credit should go to margalit who originally posted it as a comment on The Reign of Ellen.

    I honestly would have never come up with that. It’s so good! In hindsight, there were soo many allusions to lying.

  4. cool, but you could just be readin into it too much lol.

  5. I posted your link and The Reign of Ellen on The Fuselage. People have been talking about it. I hope that’s alright, but its so good.
    I mean awesomely good.

  6. Do you have a link to the thread?

  7. […] Thanks to Newscoma, there is some chatter about Henry Gale’s anagram at The Fuselage. […]

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