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Norton Antivirus 2006 Prevents Viruses By Making Computer Unusable

You know. Peter Norton was king of dos but when windows came out I think he got confused. But he’s reached new heights (er, lows) with Norton Antivirus 2006. Nav2006 brings WinXP to its knees! Symantec suggestions a solution. I just tried their solution and it is pathethic. Windows XP is totally non-responsive. To uninstall NAV I’m going to have to reboot into Safe Mode (F8 on booting) and run msconfig (start->run->msconfig) to turn off all Symantec references, reboot (since you can’t uninstall from safe mode), uninstall from the control panel, reboot, and install NAV2004 (in leau of nothing else for this client). Client recommendation: drop Norton Antivirus!

I’ve been an advocate of Symantec for years but this is the last straw. Do NOT buy or install any Norton Antivirus software. There are far superior products in Kaspersky, AVG, Avast, and Trendmicro. The other "top dog&quot, McAfee, has lost their mind too. If I have to deal with the McAfee SecurityCenter on one more machine I’m liable to go looney.

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