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Lost Review

I thought this was an incredible episode of Lost. They did a fine job of playing each of the characters. The backstory was excellent and surprising. I find the cooperation and tension between Jack and Locke very interesting yet frustrating. I find it amusing how the "leaders" get to live in the palace. The writers are making choices with Jack that I would not have expected. With his initial desire to not be the group’s natural leader you would think he would be open and revealing about everything to everyone but instead he has become more secretive as he has become more accepting of his role in power. The Others are obviously a very intellectual group with their captive seeming to catch on quickly to people’s weaknesses and fiddle playing with them. Are the doors really thin, or do The Others have enhanced abilities? Increased hearing capacity? Mind reading?

Spoilers ahead!
So we’ve learned that Claire was drugged and was to be sacrificed for the baby. The powers that be were upset that she was taken too soon and "not on the list." My wife has an excellent theory that they are trying to harvest antibodies from the baby in an attempt to restock a depleting stockpile of antidote. Infecting the baby while in gestation helps its immune system develop antibodies (I believe is the science). Desmond’s story about wrecking while sailing around the world doesn’t float with me. He was too well stocked and had too many bottles of antidote. His fresh eggs still bug me. Once again we see Claire very willing to give up her baby. What was it the psychic told her? "[you and the baby must remain together or bad things will happen.]" Bad things like Claire dying? The survivors not having the ability to make antidote to the virus? Ethan was creepy in a way that makes me want to devote an entire post to him.

My theory that The Others, The Scientists, and The Pirates were separate groups was blown out of the water. To answer the question everyone is asking, "why dress up with the beard and ragged clothing?" I think it is obviously to give the impression that they have been stranded for a long time without means. The grubs give quite a different impression than showing up in button down shirts and lab coats. Ethan answers Claire’s question "where did all this come from?" with "it might be a little overwhelming if I told you." To me that implies that supplies are readily available which would mean our island isn’t as disconnected as it appears. I am not convinced that Rousseau killed her comrades. I think perhaps The Others are the scientists from her expedition and that in her sickness she has forgotten that. The fact that The Others left their costumes and makeup at the Med lab implies that either they won’t be returning, or that although they abandoned the facility in fear that Claire would return with other people that they launch their confrontations with The Survivors from here because where they are now stationed is too far or too inconvenient to move from in costume. I think they don’t plan on encountering our survivors anymore. But I do think we still have a spy or two amongst us.

I find it interesting that The Others were able to move so much equipment in such a short time. Does this lend credence to the theory that all bunkers are connected with Disney like tunnels? Do they have cars and trucks? Remember, they’ve been on the island roughly 50-60 days and Claire was only taken a couple of/few weeks ago.

Mr Eko finally got to confess his sins for killing the two Others. He never questioned that the captive was an Other. He grew the dangles on his beard to represent the two sins and once confessed he was able to absolve himself which is why he trimmed his beard. Why not confess to one of the Survivors? Because they would judge him. Mr Eko believed the captive related to the deaths. It was appropriate.

If Sun is pregnant, will The Others come for her? I think she is the first to fall to sickness. She had close exposure to the baby (Aaron ) while the baby fought off the sickness.

As we end, Locke is psychologically played by our captive Other. I’m disappointed that he would be had so easily but it the power struggle between Locke and Jack has to escalate. Now that we know of a Medical facility were Jack could better set himself up, I can foresee the survivors spliting into The Hatch group and The Medical group. We thought this before with The Beachers and The Cavers but that didn’t really happen. The stakes have increased and Jack and Locke are more set in their desires to lead the group. As sickness sets in, our sides will form quicky.

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