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Lost Thought

What if Libby, aka clinical psychologist, was the spy and her husband, let’s guess Henry Gale, are actually part of the psychology experiments on-going as part of the Dharma project. Dharma never ended. The Dharma scientists crash planes and ships to obtain new test subjects. Let’s pull it back in from far fetched conjecture. Back to Libby and Henry. Libby’s job is to psychologically evaluate the beach crew. Henry got caught checking on her or running a report back to The Others and now he starts some psychological warfare.

When Sayid was questioning Henry, Henry tried to gain control over Sayid with references to "have you lost someone?" Sayid, with his own psychological training used Henry’s bait rather than being entrapped by it. I think Mr Eko, who applies his own brand of psychology, befuddled Henry Gale and scared him since Gale couldn’t assess Eko…of course, then there was the knife. We saw Henry Gale successfully get to Locke and we can guess how that is going to play out. I’d wager to say that next week we see Gale make a play on Jack.

Henry Gale may be a prisoner but he’s going on the offensive.

Remember the reasons for Dharma:

According to a choppy ”orientation film” found in the hatch, Dharma founders Gerald and Karen DeGroot established a research facility on the island in the 1970s to conduct experiments in meteorology, zoology, electromagnetism, psychology, and parapsychology.

We have seen zoology (polar bear, shark tagged with Dharma symbol…). We have seen meteorology ("you mean the freakish end of the world weather"). We have seen electromagnetism (suspected reason for crash, thumping wall in hatch, …). I think we’ve witnessed lots of psychology including the costumes of The Others. And parapsychology (the beast?). What if Henry Gale wasn’t just listening through the door but was using parapsychology to listen to their minds? What if the reason Henry Gale was so afraid of Mr Eko was not the knife but instead because he couldn’t read his mind or perhaps read it all too well!

The Dharma medical facility looked as if it was emptied hastily. Perhaps Libby warned them that Claire was coming. Of course, if that was the case, why not don the costumes and scare her away? But if they didn’t want an encounter, quickly getting out could also explain why the costumes were forgotten.

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