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LOST – Hurley backstory coming


Garcia says Lost fans eager to learn more about Hurley’s backstory will be treated to another Hurley flashback episode this season that depicts his time in a mental institution. “The episode is really interesting,” he says. “[What happened to him while he was in the institution] was even a question I had.”

I was lead to this by lost-tv.

3 thoughts on “LOST – Hurley backstory coming

  1. I liked the picture of Kate held by the soldier in Iraq at the end of the Sayid the torturer episode. Jeni’s theory was that there were two groups of Others until we saw the costumes. She still thinks Eko is an Other. Even though they did backstory on him, he is more associated with the small plane than the big plane right now. Eko is my favorite right now.

    I was disappointed that Locke is letting Gale get to him. I thought he was smarter than that.

  2. Just a quick thought … when Michael returns after being with the Others for so long, will they be able to trust him?

  3. Michael or his son, Walt? Michael could very well be the next victom of the island only to be seen in flashbacks. Walt is strong. We know nothing of Alex except that she has been with The Others for 16 years and appears to not been assimilated.

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