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Blingo March Freenzy continues!

Have you signed up with Blingo yet? No spam. No catches. Signup under someone and that someone wins too. More info.

A couple of brief notes regarding Blingo. The main rule to be aware of is that each household is limited to winning 2 prizes per month. If I win a movie ticket, since I signed up under my wife, she also wins. She has the option of turning it down but if she accepts that means our household has won 2 prizes and within that month and we are no longer qualified to get more prizes. I wrote Blingo to ask if during their freenzy they would temporarily increase the number of prizes each household could receive and, with a very nice letter (unlike the evil employees), Blingo explained that the freenzy is to help increase awareness of Blingo and that the prize limit has to remain at 2 per household even during the freenzy.

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