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Improvised Bed Rails

Evan hasn’t learned to sleep in the crib. He prefers to sleep in his swing. But sometimes he needs to sleep between Cathy and I which is nice. Sometimes he is in the bed when I want to get up and work. It was around his age that Amy fell from the bed to the concrete floor and scared me to death so I will sometimes stay in bed thinking how nice bed rails would be when I should be up working.

This morning I figured it out! The crib is near the bed so when I rose, I simply rolled the crib up against the bed forming a nice wall.

4 thoughts on “Improvised Bed Rails

  1. We have an extra bed rail if you would like it. I can bring it down when we come at the end of the month. Just let me know.

  2. Thanks but no need. Evan will be transitioning to the crib shortly.

  3. If you put up bed rails, would Cathy be stuck in bed all day?

  4. Hey! Let’s put up bed rails!

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