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Wrist feeling better

For the past two weeks or so, my left wrist has hurt so bad that I almost could not type. I had problems picking things up or squeezing for a length of time. I did some exercising to try to help but nothing terribly focused.

As I type this I can still feel a twinge of pain but it is mostly out of my wrist. Now the pain is in my upper arm. If I hold a reem of paper and try to extend my left arm out to my side I can’t pick it up much above my waist.

Time to get back to stretching and unpinch what nerve is not happy with me right now.

3 thoughts on “Wrist feeling better

  1. I hope both your wrist and arm continue to feel better.

  2. Get a strong rubber band (like the ones that come around broccoli or asparagus) and put it around your fingertips and extend your fingers out against the rubber band. Hold for two to three seconds, then relax. Repeat 8-12 times, three times a day. Also, ice your wrist after marathon programming. Ice bag (ziploc) on for 20 minutes (towel/t-shirt between ice and skin), off for one hour, repeat two to three times. I would also tell you to take breaks, but I know you better than that…

  3. […] This is one of those times that if I was insured I’d be visiting Barry Bridges (Chiropractor) or my GP. I’ll just follow my brother’s advice. […]

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