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Call the SPCA!

I saw something horrific today. The people mulching and landscaping the church where Amy has pre-school found a chipmunk. I know this because the guy jumped out in the road then back into the grass. His jump was after he kicked the chipmunk into the road and he got back into the grass when the chipmunk returned to the grass. Then he began stomping furiously.

I stopped the car. I wanted to tell him to stop but then I drove on. I like chipmunks, even the ones that bite my wife.

2 thoughts on “Call the SPCA!

  1. What?!? That is so horrible and wrong! I’m complaining about the landscapers to the preschool director.

  2. Chipmunks are horrible critters for landscapers! They burrow all over the place, eat bulbs, chew the bases off your plants and are otherwise TOTAL PESTS!!! Carmom’s mom has had 50 year old monster hostas destroyed by chipmunks. They may be cute, and I like watching them harrass lispy ducks as much as anyone, but I’d kill them in my yard if I could catch them.

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